DIATEST manufactures high-precision bore gauging instruments and offers measuring solutions. The name DIATEST guarantees worldwide quality, expertise and safety. Future- orientated manufacturing technology, well trained precision engineering technicians and engineering knowledge guarantee highest quality standards. Whether standard or customer specific solutions.


BMD Plug

Easy-to-use, self-indicating and self-centering bore gauge for the measurement of inner- and outer diameter, with highest precision and absolute accurate results.

Gear Gauge

DIATEST offers solutions for internal and outer gear gauging, as hand tools or with a measuring table. They can also be used for measurement of conicity and ovality. Also applicable for spiral gears and serrations with even- or odd-numbered teeth.

Split Ball Plug

Split-ball probes are flexible and universal bore gauges for indicating internal measurements.

Chamfer Gauge

Indicating measuring instruments for diameter measurement of conical bores, external cones or 45° chamfers.

Digital TD-Gauge

Both solutions measure two values at the same time: Both measure the depth, but whereas one measures the inner diameter, the other one detects No-Go gauges in cylinder bores or threads. Resolution switchable between 0.01 and 0.001mm.


Flexible and sturdy measuring tables for measurement of I.D. and O.D.
DIA-COME measuring tables are offered in different sizes, layouts and measuring ranges.
e.g. for Measurement of samples.

Automated measurement in CNC machines

Cycle time left? Fill it with 100 % certainty!
Lower total operation costs due to higher degree of automation
100 % inprocess measurement with DIATEST BMD bore gauges – in your CNC machines.

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