Plain Carbide Ring Gauges

We offer wide assortment of precision engineered plain ring gauges which are fabricated in both steel and tungsten carbide.

Plain Carbide Plug Gauges

Plain Carbide plug gauges are manufactured from special grade, hot isostatically pressed submicron grained tungsten carbide material which is ground and precision lapped to ensure the highest quality and life in use.

Carbide Measuring Pin

Offers Carbide Pins from 0.5-10mm in ‘ Gr. 1’ ( Mfg. Tol +/- 0.001mm ) & ‘Gr. 2’ (Mfg. Tol +/- 0.002mm) as per IS:11103 standard. Supplied in set/ individual as per customer requirement.

Also available in Steel from range 0.5-20mm.

Carbide Snap Single Ended

Gauges as per customer design can be supplied.
* supplied normally in single ended design in rectangular bodies ( round if specified. )
* double ended snap gauges can be supplied.
* groove diameter checking snap gauges are also supplied in carbide.

Carbide Snap Double Ended

Thread Ring Gauges : (Parallel & Taper)

Range : 3 to 150 mm Dia.

Taper : 1:16

Specification : As per IS, BS, DIN & American Stds.

Plain Carbide Gauges

We manufacture technically accurate plain carbide gauges that are fabricated depending upon the specific application requirements of client. Also engaged in providing Threading Tips, HSS & CS Taps & Dies, HSS & Carbide Milling Cutters, Threading chasers etc, we ensure to deliver quality proven carbide gauges to our clients.

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